Government Agency Audits

We Know Government

Companies, big and small, need appropriate policies, procedures and auditing systems in order to keep up with the myriad of ever changing employment laws and regulations.  The Brenlla Law Firm has the experience gained through decades of litigation to know what policies and procedure companies need to avoid litigation and put them in the best defense position when litigation occurs.

There are many statutes that impose obligations on employers, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act. We have substantial experience advising clients on day-to-day compliance with labor and employment regulations. From auditing your policies, procedures, and practices to ensure compliance, to representing you in agency audits and compliance reviews, we can assist you to identify areas of vulnerability and to take steps to minimize liability.

When federal and state agencies undertake an audit, the Brenlla Law Firm guides clients through the various traps, pitfalls and other legal landmines that come with governmental audits.